Thursday, December 4, 2008

flanigan...who hasnt heard of this guy

this is a really cool sketch man, thanks alot for taking some time out of your day to doodle up something for me ahhahahaha

first time with copic

now this is a fun marker to use, its not like anything else out there. the sketch is just a typical park sketch but i had fun drawing it so thats all that matters anyways.

a big obnoxious signature

this is vivian she likes shrek
this is flanigan he looks like shrek. ahhahhhahh supprisingly im happy with the flanigan drawing but i made him too dark. as for vivian its too cute it needs some alterations

kev is really fat

its kind of disgusting but at least he can draw amazingly outstanding caricatures.
your a genius infant thanks again

some fiction and pulp juice!!!

this guy goes hard